Easy Dinner Idea

Consider this your personal invitation to gather all your Pinterest-worthy dinner plans and victoriously throw them out the window.

Sure, on some planet there could be a time and place for beautiful meals shaped liked animals and crafted into adorable little scenes. But it’s not here. It’s Friday and we are all tired. 

Instead, you have my blessing for this perfectly acceptable, simple and crazy affordable dinner. 

Here we have a handcrafted grilled cheese on whole wheat bread (or the .89 white loaf works great too). I peeled the cheese from the wrapper myself. Also, I made 3 and did not burn a single one. That’s never happened before. (I think it’s because I used extra butter on the bread…or maybe because I only had one kid in the house while cooking). 

Then I tossed a .99 bag of frozen mixed veggies in the microwave for about 6 minutes. Confession: I didn’t buy these to be healthy. I bought them because they were cheaper than fries.

The water is actually cucumber water. We had to bring drinks to a party earlier this week. Instead of blowing money on expensive sodas, I made sweet tea from stuff we already had at the house and splurged for the .50 cucumber! No one else in my house will drink it.

It’s not fancy food. But, in the words of a former colleague, “It all fills you up the same.”

Share your favorite meals for tired days in the comments below! 


3 thoughts on “Easy Dinner Idea

  1. BAM! Dinner’s done! Love it! I’m doing 4 cups rice and the same frozen bag of Cali Medley for our family of 7. Super easy and crazy cheap! Food bloggers shutter at the thought 🙂

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