My Debt-free Birthday

Last Wednesday we celebrated my 32nd birthday. 

Birthdays look a bit different around our house these days. And we are okay with that. 

They are simpler, more intimate. Yes, because we are working furiously to pay off our debt. But, mainly because it’s tricky to surprise someone with a gift when you’ve planned everything to a “T” 3 weeks prior in your budget committee meeting!

Now, I love throwing a good party. One of my favorite things in the world is to stand back and see my closest friends and family enjoying each other’s company and forming new connections in a atmosphere I carefully crafted especially for them. So, we still have big – albeit not necessarily expensive- parties for the girls. And as they are getting older, their parties are more like a windstorm of chaos than the gleeful image I gave you above.

Anyway, for Alan and myself, we get to choose if we want gifts or just the good old cash. I took the cash!

It was fun to have extra money to spend on frivolous things like nail polish. I also purchased my first pair of Vans and have tucked away the remainder for a rare girls’ dinner on Friday night. 

My birthday started with Alan skipping his morning workout to make me coffee and breakfast. If you know Alan, you know this is huge! It ended with a funny card (my favorite), a homemade dinner of salmon and roasted potatoes and blowing out a candle on some cupcakes brought over by a sweet friend. Oh, and the family cleaning the house without complaining. #winning

Side note: If I’m being honest, I was completely wiped out from work when I got home. Before starting our debt free journey, I would have ordered a $20 unplanned pizza. Instead, we ate planned for salmon with side dishes we already had in our pantry. Yes, it was my birthday and I could have insisted on pizza. But, I also realize that just because it’s my birthday does not give me permission to derail our journey. It’s so hard to adult sometimes. 

It was a simple day, but the surprises tucked in along the way made it special. As I made a wish, blew out my candle, and looked at the three bright, smiling faces around me, I hoped for many more simple birthdays filled with the love many of you- my dear friends and family- so graciously give. 


4 thoughts on “My Debt-free Birthday

    • I struggle with it to. That statement was equal parts what a did and also a spoken reminder of what I need to do. I may or may not have been upset a few weeks ago when we didn’t have it in the budget to get mommy snacks (things that only I will eat and no one else can have.) I mean, really!?


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