Meeting Old Blue, Part 2

As Alan I drove away, we knew there was a potential kink in our plan.

We didn’t have a second car.

In an ideal world, we would lovingly drop off our two children at their respective schools and then share happy, uplifting morning conversations over coffee while we carpooled to work together. 

But, alas, Alan leaves the house much earlier than the rest of us…and we literally work across town from one another. On a good day, it’s a least a 30 minute drive from my office to his. (In the south we measure distance in minutes, not miles. I have no clue how many actual miles separate us during the work day). 

We had poked around on a few used car sites and Facebook Garage Sale pages, but the cheapest car we could find was $5,000…and we had about $3,000 to spend.

We wanted a Toyota or Honda, as we felt confident it would last us until Spring 2018 at the very least…when we plan to be debt free.

So, at the time we sold the Nissan, we had one potential lead in a neighboring city. We felt a peace that this was going to be the car. Hell, it had to be. We didn’t really have a lot of options here!

By 6:30 that evening, I had picked Alan back up from work and dropped off the girls at our cousin’s house. 

We ventured to a neighborhood we were unfamiliar with, pulled up in the driveway, walked to the front door, knocked and waited. 

A tall, thin, salt-of-the-earth man came to the door. His jeans, boots and grease stains contrasted against Alan’s suit and my business-professional dress and heels. First impressions mean a lot to me. Almost instantly, he struck me as a hard-working family man. 

Together, we walked down to his garage and he showed us the car: a 2005 Toyota Camry with over 100,000 miles on it and selling for $3,000. And, of all things, it was blue. Nearly the same color as the Nissan. We later joked that this was good so Alan would not have complete car shock each morning when he walked into our own garage. But, seriously, I do think it helped!

We knew instantly we were going to buy this car, but we played around looking at it and taking a test drive “just to be sure.” 

The man shared they had an offer on the car a few weeks prior, but couldn’t get the title paperwork together in time to the previous potential buyers liking.

 We almost missed out.

By the time we made an offer and went upstairs to complete the paperwork, I think they were onto us.

“Are y’all doing the Dave Ramsey thing?” his wife asked.

When I replied yes, she shared they had too. In fact, it was what enabled her to be able to stay home with their young son.

And they decided to sell the car as a way to raise money to adopt their next child. 

Wait. What!?! 

God used our families to be a blessing to one another at a time when we both needed His grace. 

We thought we were getting a car and changing our own family tree. But, we helped change someone else’s too.

We affectionately welcomed the Camry into our family that night. And Old Blue, as we call her, is our symbol of sacrifice, humility and a new way of life. 

On that night, we said goodbye to our foolish habits and poor financial decisions and hello to Old Blue. 

P.S. After selling the car, we had exactly (within $4) the amount needed to pay off the Nissan, purchase Old Blue and do some necessary maintanance. You may call this a coincidence, but we think it’s just God being so good! 


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