Meeting Old Blue, Part 1


I took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. My fingers clenched the steering wheel as I successfully held back tears. 

Something about being on the cusp of changing your life is all encompassing. 

I came to a rolling stop and turned left into the used car lot, parked, walked inside and nervously fiddled with my phone while I waited for Alan to arrive.

He walked in the lobby of the sales center about five minutes later and a rush of calm came over me. 

A salesman, whom Alan had spoken to earlier that morning, approached us and the process began. 

Here we were selling our 2011 fully loaded Nissan Altima 3.5 SR. The one we financed new for $23,000 because we couldn’t afford to fix the transmission in Alan’s used Jetta. But, we could pay Nissan’s $353 monthly car note. (Yes, I now realize how ridiculous this sounds.) 

The car was more of a stressor than a blessing. We were bound to that monthly payment and held hostage to being able to do anything else with that money…including paying off other debt.

More than we needed the Nissan’s beautiful navy exterior and tan heated leather seats and sunroof and spoiler and navigation and Bose surround sound and XM radio…we needed to be able to breathe again. 

We sold the Nissan to Donoho Auto for $10,000 that day. As a result, we began our family journey down a new road. One we had never been down before. We made a drastic change, drew a hard line and said, “We are NEVER living like this again.” 

As Alan and I climbed into my car together and drove off, we hoped we wouldn’t regret it. 


5 thoughts on “Meeting Old Blue, Part 1

  1. I find all cars to be more of a stressor than a blessing. I do find my non-car loving husband to be a blessing since he doesn’t get all excited about cars like some guys!


  2. I’ve never bought a car through an auto dealer. I’ve always bought used from people. That was usually fun and exciting. I think that I would be overwhelmed if I had to undergo that process in a dealership. Another thing that caught my attention was $23,000 to $10,000!!! Talk about deflating the value of something.
    Losing over 1/2 the value in 5 years! Wow!


    • We have always purchased cars through dealers- until now. (I’ll dive deeper into this in part 2). I kinda like the negotiating process! We didn’t like “not knowing what we were getting.” But, honestly, I’ve know a few folks who have issue with new cars too…so a new car isn’t guaranteed to be a problem free car. And you are so right about the lost value. The 23K was just what we financed- it doesn’t factor in down payment or trade in. So, really it was more like $30K to $10K.


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