Trapped. That is what $135,852 in debt feels like. The funny thing is nearly eighty percent  is good debt “because it’s for your education,” or however the lie goes.

So, here we are 10 years post graduation, scraping and clawing our way through this mess. Tired of working forty plus hours each week and bringing home what should be plenty of income for our family of four, but never having an extra dime or peace of mind to show for it.

Instead, we’ve been broke for the better part of a decade. Feeling like we are standing at the bottom of Mount Everest, scared and intimidated by the impending climb. Or, more recently, feeling trapped in quick sand. Imagine trying to grasp for help, but there is nothing to hold onto so you sink lower and lower with no way out.

Our dollars owed and income earned may be unique. But our circumstances and feelings of hopelessness and embarrassment are not.

If you can relate, why don’t you to follow along on our journey of emotional, spiritual and financial renewal?

Together we can be fuel for each other’s journey, push aside old ways of thinking, look toward a better future and say hello to Old Blue.

What does your debt-free future hold?


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